Digital infrastructure built right

Ember is a Swedish digital infrastructure provider serving customers worldwide. We design, build and operate our own HPC and AI ready datacenters in Sweden. Our services range from Cloud compute, Bare-metal servers, Co-location and GPU compute.

New AI and HPC ready datacenter, EDC1

4 MW capacity HPC & AI ready

N+1 redundancy w. power, cooling, fiber

100% renewable energy solar + wind + water


New high security HPC datacenter opened

EDC1 is a purpose-built datacenter located in the heart of Scandinavia, perfectly positioned between Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. With EDC1 we reduce risk, increase security and future proof your mission-critical IT.

Built right

Rethinking the next-gen cloud

'Built right’ means having solutions prepared for needs that will arise 3-8 years into the future. Rethinking the cloud takes its starting point in that same horizon. Are you ready for de-cloud?


Andreas Aronsson
Andreas Aronsson CEO & founding partner

From the ground up

Let's be straightforward about the cloud, the packaging and models needs to be redone, and we need to call a spade a spade. Cloud with all its advantages, but without the magic mystique surrounding it.

Sweden is magical, though! Here, we design, build, and operate our own data centers in a cold climate with clean and reliable power supply. Building from the ground up is important for us to in a trustworthy manner guarantee reliable and future proof digital infrastructure.

Let's not confine ourselves to the current narrow concept of the cloud or, for that matter, on-premises. Let's rethink and combine! We've built it right from the ground up, so you can too.

A rack row in one of EDC1 data halls


Run your hardware in safe and sustainable datacenters equipped with redundant power, cooling and network connectivity. 24/7 physical access.

Available options and locations Looking for wholesale datacenter white space?
Caged racks in one of EDC1 data halls

Caged racks and suite

We also offer caged racks and custom suite, for your needs. Datacenter white space is available, 100-500m² up to 2MW.

New datacenter opened in Sweden

EDC1 is a purpose-built datacenter with the highest possible protection grade, situated in the middle of Scandinavia.

Oslo, 200km ←

Stockholm, 280km →

Copenhagen, 300km ←


Sustainability releases stress on climate and your budget

This facility runs solely on 100% renewable energy, including its own solar power generation. Its design features a hot and cold aisle configuration with a raised floor, optimizing airflow and achieving up to 75% energy savings through free cooling. The stable operating temperature extends equipment lifespan and reduces hardware errors. Additionally, the well-insulated building provides effective protection against external heat.


Built-in fault tolerance and resilience

N+1 stands for the concept of having one additional unit or capacity beyond what is required, ensuring redundancy and reliability.

This facility provides N+1 redundancy and the highest protection grade (skyddsklass 3). It features two ring-fed high voltage transformers and A/B power circuits, backed up by A/B UPS and battery banks. Standby diesel generator ensures continuous operation. An active fire protection system with 3M Novec 1230 is in place.


Cloud and carrier-neutral connectivity

All our sites are cloud and carrier neutral, Welcome!

Internet speeds up 100 Gbps, IP Transit, MPLS, EVPN, Fiber WDN, cross connects, cloud connect (AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI), Multi Meet-Me-Rooms.

A rack row in one of EDC1 data halls

S3 Object Storage with Min.IO

MinIO is a high-performance, S3 compatible object store. It is built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and database workloads. Runs with Kubernetes on infrastructure of choice. One of many services available as service from Ember.


MinIO logo

Platform solutions