GPU compute

Run your AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) workloads with our high-performance dedicated GPU resources on-demand

Machine learning engineer in the need for high-performance networking and enterprise-grade GPUs? We got the resources already deployed in datacenters, bring your AI.

Stack and frameworks

  • Ubuntu with GPU support
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe 2 etc.

Available instances

  • Nvidia H100 (Reservation only)
  • Nvidia A100 (Reservation only)
  • Nvidia L40s
  • Nvidia A10
  • Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA
  • Nvidia RTX 5000 ADA
  • Nvidia RTX 4000 ADA

Deploy your own AI infrastructure with GPU-colocation

We can facilitate the hosting of your hardware in our HPC- and AI-ready data centers. Looking for a complete solution with GPU compute nodes, network and software? No problem, our engineers will help you.


A rack row in one of EDC1 data halls


Run your hardware in safe and sustainable datacenters equipped with redundant power, cooling and network connectivity. 24/7 physical access.

Available options and locations Looking for wholesale datacenter white space?
Caged racks in one of EDC1 data halls

Caged racks and suite

We also offer caged racks and custom suite, for your needs. Datacenter white space is available, 100-500m² up to 2MW.


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